Please give Your feedback for league season!

Q&ACategory: QuestionsPlease give Your feedback for league season!
ChopaChopa Staff asked 1 month ago

I offer:
Home&away matches in 10-club divisions
last 3 relegated in every division. first 3 move on to next division
Final 4 go to playoff on 3 wins
8min modified HOF match
18 matches per regular season
3 matches per week
free agents signings and trades only during offseason, not allowed during season
injuries OFF
all results will be displayed on website

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Avatarnotorious95 Staff answered 4 weeks ago

I agree !

David AdamovDavid Adamov Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Washington Wizards-liga 1(David)

ManuvincenzoLars Latotzke Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Start soon?